Penat oo pindah~

Alhamdulillah, I can cross out 1 of the things from my to-do list.

It’s 3:14 am now, but I can’t sleep (not that I haven’t tried to). I keep thinking of the things that I need to do.

Take note, to those still living with your parents, be grateful. You don’t know the hardships they’ve been through.

They have to tend to your needs, to your brothers and sisters, to themselves, to the car, the groceries, their work, their friends, your friends, their family, the house and sooo much more.

Who says finding a house n renting one is easy???

Oooo you have nooo idea =_=”

You see, living alone taught me 1 thing, you have to handle and do everything yourself!

Like I said before, I’m in the process of moving houses, so it’s kinda hectic here. With the messy rooms, unpacked stuff and all…

But the ‘hardships’ of renting a house doesn’t start there, it starts before entering the house.

First, (of course) you’d like to rent a house that is 便利 (convenient) in many ways, and of course you’d like to find 1 that you can afford, monthly. For example, if you’re commuting to school by bus or train, it’d be obvious if you chose a house near a bus stop or the station, right? Same goes for those who commute to school or work, by bicycle or by feet. You have to consider the distance, the time, the surrounding—how many traffic lights are there, are there any hills or obstacles along the way, is it busy during the day, if it rains or snows will it become dangerous— so that you can reach your school or work place in time.

Not only that, but you have to consider the plan of the house too. In Japan, not all of the houses provide a place for the laundry machine (‘coz they’d rather use the laundromat, but that’d cost money), and not all of the houses have closets, do they have a stove or not (some houses don’t), is the house carpeted or is it bare or is it covered with tatami etc. And since Japan has limited space and land,  the houses are small. So if you’re going to live with some one else, you have to consider their point of view too. Are the rooms the same size (to be fair), or are the rooms comfortable? What about the lighting and the sunlight (some houses are too dark and hardly receive any sunlight)? Is there any network? What about the security? The scenery and view? Do you have privacy in your room, or not?


Then, when you’ve found a house you like, you have to go and see it and make sure everything is okay. Then there’ll be all those paper works. The contracts— you have to go to the agency to cancel your current contract, then the insurance payment and refunding, call the embassy to apply for them to be your guarantor, apply for a new contract, and then there’s the basics~

The internet, water, gas, electric and tv. You have to settle the month’s bills, then you have to stop all those supplies and tell them you’re gonna move. So you have to arrange those things for your new house and for your old house too. Tiring, huh?

Okay. Don’t think it’s over yet. In Japan we have to go to the ward office and apply to change our address, and because we’re under the care of the embassy, we have to contact them too.

Then, you have to change you bank account’s details—change your address, and same goes  if you own a credit card…

And only then can you start packing your stuff… Nak pack tu pun, kenalah ade kotak, nak cari kotak lagi…

Pack, pack, pack….

Then, you have to arrange for the moving van, and who’s gonna help you move and all that…

Huh~ then masuk rumah baru…

Nak kena kemas rumah lagi, susun-susun semua, cuci-cuci…

Banyak kan?


Tulah… Ingat senang ke… Benda ni bukan bleh habis dalam masa sehari dua, or semingggu. Boleh dikatakan it took me 4, nak masuk 5, months. Ni pun tak habis lagi pengurusan untuk pindah.  Belum lagi cerita pasal nak bayar-bayar bil and sewa rumah lagi…


Sebab tulah, kena bersyukur degan apa yang kita ada, lagi-lagi yang tengah stay dengan parents. Treat them well, and help around the house. Masing-masing dah besar, dah boleh buat kerja, so apa salahnya kita tolong mak ayah kita ^_^

By the way, like I said before, finding a house and renting one isn’t easy, but don’t give up and be patient. These are some of the things that’ll come in handy in the future and will help you become more matured.

Looking forward to ‘balik Mesia’, hanging out with friends, spending time with family members, a new year, new semester, new juniors and a new home ^_^v


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