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Isn’t it enough?

Assalamu’alaikum dear brothers n sisters ^_^

Alhamdulillah I’ve just completed my fajr prayers n I thank Him, the Most Merciful… I was just waking up from my sleep today when I started to feel a quake. It was just a small tremble at the beginning, but then, it started to shake harder. I guess it went on for about a minute or so, n take note, to experience a quake more than 30 seconds means it’s a big quake n be ready for the worst.

Anyway, when it stopped shaking, I waited for the latest news n masyaAllah, it was a 6.4 ritcher scale earthquake!! N it was only 3 in the morning (imagine if it got worst, n we had to evacuate the building, but didn’t care to do so because we were in deep sleep, or didn’t bother to do so). Alhamdulillah He woke me up..

Speaking of quakes, you could say I’m kinda used to it by now, but in a sense, earthquakes, typhoons (a big one’s just heading towards Japan insyaAllah tomorrow), tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, floods n any other natural disasters that you can think of, are all signs of Allah the All Mighty.

Now guys,I’m not proud of what I did, but let this be a reminder to me n everyone else. Though I was kinda shocked by the tremor, I didn’t get up to pray instantly, but instead I went back to sleep.. Tsk, tsk,tsk..

How big does an earthquake have to be to make you realize His warning n remember Him? O Allah, please forgive me for my ignorance.. Living in a place where earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis n the lot occurs every once in a while, is actually very precious. It is on these ‘occasions’ that we are reminded by Him. I guess I’m also grateful for being here because back home in Malaysia, you can’t experience it.. N even so, Continue reading