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Has Iblees succeeded?



Iblis (Devil) said: “If I am successful in persuading man to do three things,then that will be all I need.

  • To make forget his sins,
  • to regard his good deeds as too many, and
  • to be proud of his opinion.

[Narrated Dirar ibn Murrah]

Naudhubillah! 😦 Ya Allah, please protect us all from Iblis & Shaytan laknatullah. Ameen..


“There’s a danger in turning our “public figures” into “rock stars”. Soon they go from being human, to just symbols. There’s a beauty in our humanity; that’s why God made us that way: breakable, fallible, frail, and able to turn to Him in desperate need and humility. Don’t take that away from anyone.” – Yasmin Mogahed


Our tragedy is that we are incapable of dealing with the present. Neglecting our beautiful castles, we wail over dilapidated buildings. Everything on earth marches forward, preparing for a new season – and so should you.— Dr. A’ed al-Qarni