in a rush

sometimes we do things because we really understand what it means. but sometimes we just do it out of love, anger, sympathy or just wanting to feel the excitement—namely our emotions. example?

people gathering and doing a demo in front of the station, embassy or any other public place. how would you feel? i bet every passerby would be curious to find put what’s happenin’ ‘aite?

same thing goes for trying to boycott israel’s products and companies. some do it because they really care for palestinians and understand the need to fight back and help. not because of religion, or hatred towards the opposition, but out of respect and because it’s the only humane thing to do. other’s are boycotting because of anger. but a friendly reminder from me, God never taught us to hate others because of their wrongdoings BUT we’re supposed to hate the actions.

so, before you do anything, ask yourself, what am i doing here? am i really here for the people or just wanting to feel like ‘oh, i was there, you guys shoulda seen me shoutin my lungs out~’.

just my two cents, hence no editing. gotta go, have exams tomorrow!


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