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Crushed Chicken, anyone?

Allahu Allah… Woke up today to a hectic start. Prepared lunch and breakfast, packed lunch, showered and got ready for today’s class. After 3 months of striving and staying up late, today was the day. It was my last and final presentation in front of the lecturers and the whole class for this semester.

But, who know me really well know that I don’t like to be in a rush. Since I was way behind schedule, I rode my bike at top speed, and somehow on the way I managed to lose my lunch, vitamins and medications. Great~

To make the whole story short, I’m just, happy I finished presenting and found my ‘lost’ lunch. I present to you guys, Crushed Chicken Tom Yam. ~~~


Oh yeah, it was snowing heavily today, so as you can see, my once yellow bag has turned black due to the snow and ofcourse, being run over by who knows how many cars~ Tisk, tisk.