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-The new GF- Fun~

Assalamu’alaikum ^_^

Asif sebab entry on GF ni lambat, asyik tertangguh je~

I bet y’all must’ve forgotten ’bout this topic—the agenda~ So, bleh la rujuk sini, or sini, or sini, or sini hehe untuk refresh skit.

So, this time, macam tajuk dia, I’d like to share my thoughts and what I’ve learned on FUN. \(^_^)/

Waa~ the first thing that comes into mind is having fun with close friends and family.

Playing games, going to parties, loads of laughing, forgetting your work, and above all, enjoying life. Right?

But what does having fun got to do with your mind being controlled?

Duh~ If we don’t have fun, then our lives will get boooring~

Typical answer, kan?

So how are we ‘really’ supposed to have fun???

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